Shipment Detail Checklist

• If pre-paid, estimated quote will be provided and must be paid prior to shipment
• Estimated Freight Quote will be provided from a single carrier
• PTS Diagnostics reserves the right to choose carrier and must insure products in accordance with below table.
• Shipments are FCA Origin (Whitestown, IN) or EXW Origin (Whitestown, IN)

Please see the Declared Value Criteria (Insurance) for International Shipments
Shipping on PTS Diagnostics’ Account
Sales Order Value <$1000.00 - No insurance
Sales Order Value >$1000.00 - Insure at full value

Shipments are FCA Origin (Whitestown, IN) or EXW Origin (Whitestown, IN)

Enter N/A for the distributor fields IF one selects Shipper.
(Selecting No indicates shipments(s) for this order will not be insured and no Declared Value will be entered.)

If Yes, please provide the Declared Value (Insurance) to enter for the shipment(s):

If yes, please provide the shipping method you require for your order below:
If yes, please indicate which documents and the address to ship the documents below: