PreVantage is a suite of products, strategies, and partnerships aimed at helping healthcare organizations thrive in a rapidly changing industry. By connecting emerging solutions from the technology, healthcare, and business sectors, PreVantage can help improve patient and provider satisfaction, increase efficiency, lower costs, and maximize reimbursements while helping healthcare providers inspire patients to live healthier, happier lives.

PreVantage solutions may help providers with…

  • A1C, lipid panel, and glucose testing
  • Population health management
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Renewal of policies and procedures
  • PreVantage ConnectedCare, Powered by Rimidi, is a population health chronic disease management solution created by medical professionals for medical professionals and patients that unlocks the meaning in patient data, enabling personalized, focused point of care solutions that can help improve outcomes and provide data which is critical to provider reimbursement maximization.
    PreVantage ConnectedQC, Powered by eTrueNorth, is a point of care quality control management solution which assists users of PTS Diagnostics solutions in managing their QC requirements in a manner consistent with current regulatory standards. PTS Diagnostics’ collaboration with eTrueNorth also allows PreVantage customers preferred access to eTrueNorth eQC suite of policy and procedure and regulatory requirement management programs.

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