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A network of healthcare
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PreVantage provides products, solutions and programs which close gaps in care for patients with chronic disease.

Better education and improved self-care for patients.
Provide same-visit feedback on patients’ glycemic and cholesterol control.
Obtain full lipid panel results in as little as 90 seconds.
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What do
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Fast and accurate point-of-care lipid, glucose, and A1C results. More meaningful connections between healthcare providers and their patients.

Patient Satisfaction

Partnership Networks

Provider Satisfaction

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Patient Satisfaction

Partnership Networks

Provider Satisfaction

Cost Reductions & Efficiencies

Quality Control

Biometric Device Connectivity

DISEASE STATE DRIVERS: Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

Point-of-care lipid panel and A1C testing can help support…

Diabetes Education:

Can help newly diagnosed diabetes patients better understand their A1C and lipid panel results and set goals, all in one appointment.

Care Plan Evaluation:

Quickly identify when patients are struggling to meet their goals and help them adjust their approach to treatment.

Patient and Provider Experience:

Can reduce transport and processing delays, and provide rapid feedback of test results to medical decision-makers.

Committed to helping medical professionals
and their patients achieve better health outcomes. Our analyzers have helped assess those at risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes worldwide.

Learn more about the CardioChek® Plus and A1CNow®+


Walk-in Clinics

23% of US residents do not have a primary care physician. More are turning to walk-in clinics for routine care and chronic disease management.1

Point-of-care lipid and glucose testing can help providers address gaps in care for patients with chronic conditions.

Patients can access health service at times that fit into their schedules and lifestyles.

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