PTS Diagnostics Announces A1CNow+ Controls™

PTS Diagnostics Announces A1CNow+ Controls™ 

Refrigerated storage up to 8 months, initially available in U.S., Europe

WHITESTOWN, Ind. (March 23, 2020) – PTS Diagnostics, a U.S.-based manufacturer of point-of-care medical testing devices announced today that they are launching A1CNow+ Controls for the A1CNow®+ Test System.

Initially available in the United States, European Union, and the United Kingdom, A1CNow+ Controls can be stored frozen for up to three years, refrigerated for eight months, or at room temperature for seven days. Intended to ensure accurate A1C results, the solution comes with two levels, each in a dropper style vial and can be successfully run in minutes.

“PTS Diagnostics-branded controls ensure that our customers have access to a high-quality solution that meets our stringent regulatory guidelines,” said Mark Duncan, Director, Global Product Management. “We are excited to provide benefits such as easy-to-use dropper style vials and extended shelf life.”

For additional information about the product, reference the A1CNow+ Controls webpage. Please call customer service at 317-870-5610 (direct) or 877-870-5610 (toll-free US only) with any questions. Connect with your local distribution partner if you are interested in purchasing A1CNow+ Controls or any other product. Find them via PTS Diagnostics Distributors.

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Through its People, Technology and Service, PTS Diagnostics creates health innovation that drives action and results. Since 1992, we have helped medical professionals and patients achieve better health outcomes through our accurate, precise, fast, affordable, and certified point-of-care medical devices. Healthcare professionals have used our CardioChek products to assess cardiovascular disease risks for millions of patients worldwide through lipid panel screening. And, our A1CNow® systems, which provide fast and reliable HbA1c testing, have helped physicians deliver more effective treatments to patients with diabetes. For more information, visit

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Ryan Simpson, Distribution Marketing
317-870-5610 –  [email protected]

PTS, Inc. Announces New Department for Enhanced Customer Service and Support

PTS, Inc. Announces New Department for Enhanced Customer Service and Support

Indianapolis, IN – July 6, 2012 – Polymer Technology Systems, Inc. (PTS, Inc.), the manufacturer of the CardioChek family of products, today announced the formation of a new department that will focus on customer service, technical support, customer training, internal product surveillance, complaint investigations, and the management of field evaluations and data. Known as the Regulatory and Clinical Affairs department, the group will also oversee proficiency testing and CRMLN certification.

The initiative to enhance customer service and support gained momentum when Elsa Chi Abruzzo joined PTS, Inc. on April 16, 2012 as Vice President of Regulatory and Clinical Affairs. Before coming to PTS, Inc., she was President and CEO of Abruzzo Regulatory Affairs Consulting (ARAC) in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her company was engaged in strategic regulatory, clinical, and quality consulting for the medical device, biologic, and pharmaceutical industry. Abruzzo has a successful track record spanning 23+ years with innovative medical devices and disruptive biotechnologies; has designed, developed and managed domestic and international clinical trials; and has implemented global regulatory strategies resulting in commercialization of products in the USA and worldwide.

Leading the Clinical Affairs group at PTS, Inc. will be Michelle Evans as Director of Clinical Affairs, with Bob Murphy managing the Midwest to East Coast region and Chris Campbell managing the Midwest to West Coast region. Ryan Jesswein, who is based in Indianapolis, will assist Evans with complaint investigations, technical support calls, customer training, internal product surveillance, and field evaluations, as well as domestic and international data management. The PTS, Inc. Customer Service department will also report to Evans.

“The establishment of a Clinical Affairs department consolidates our resources and highlights our commitment for customer service and support,” said Evans. “We want to make it easier for our customers to move from the point of sale to full utilization of all we have to offer, from training and field evaluations to tech support, and our Clinical Affairs department is designed to do just that.”

Jack Rogers, based in Indianapolis, has joined the company as Director of Regulatory Affairs, also reporting to Elsa Abruzzo.

Robert Huffstodt, President and CEO of PTS, Inc., said, “It’s great to have Elsa Abruzzo on board. She understands the importance of reliably and consistently providing our customers with exceptional products and services. Putting this Clinical Affairs team in place greatly enhances our ability to meet our customers’ needs, as our sales are growing quite dramatically. Jack Rogers rounds out the team nicely, and brings yet another dimension and skill set to our global business model.”

About Polymer Technology Systems, Inc.
Polymer Technology Systems, Inc. (PTS, Inc.) is a global provider of point-of-care diagnostic products to the healthcare industry. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, PTS, Inc. manufactures products for distribution in over 100 countries around the world. The company has sales offices in Africa, Australia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim. PTS, Inc. products include the CardioChek® PA point-of-care instrument and the CardioChek® cholesterol analyzer that are marketed to the professional diagnostics industry and consumer screening market. The company offers lipid panel, LDL cholesterol, glucose, ketone, and other combination test strips for professional use with the CardioChek PA point-of-care instrument and the CardioChek Health Risk Assessment (HRA) software. For more information, visit