A1CNow+ 2 Level Controls
A1CNow+ Controls™

Ensure accurate A1C results

  • Ready-to-use control materials
  • Two-level control kit
  • Dropper vials
A1CNow+ Controls Timeline for Storage

Timelines for Storage

How to Buy

Note: A1CNow+ Controls may not be available in all markets. For information on additional options please see the “Resources” tab below.

If A1CNow+ Controls are not available in your area, there are several A1C control solution options on the market that can be used with the A1CNow+ Test System. Links to manufacturers’ websites and product reference numbers are listed below.

A1CNow+ Controls Instruction Sheet

A1CNow+ Controls Safety Data Sheet


  • 740
  • 740x
  • 171
  • 172
  • 172x
  • 173

Thermo Scientific



  • NOD13111-100
  • NOD13122-100