HR Corner

Nine Indiana Employees
Earn CPR/AED Certification

On June 2, nine employees participated in CPR/AED first aid training and earned certificates for the Indiana work sites. Please review the lists of certified individuals below, so that you will you be familiar with who can help in case of a medical emergency.

Indiana AED Locations

Zionsville Road, Indianapolis
Anson Blvd., Whitestown
One AED across from production
One AED on the first floor by the severe weather shelter
One AED on the second floor by the demonstration area
Amy Kersey
Ben Benedict
Patricia Addison
Brian Yates
Heather Williams
David Chandler
David McCarthy
Brenda Yates
David Miller
Noah Benedict
(Will soon be certified for CPR, AED, and first aid.)
Rebecca Zapanta
Julissa Aquirre
Mylene Ocumin
Prapoorna Garimella
Michel Estabillo
Naridel Aquino
Lucia Lam

Congratulations to those who attended this recent training!