PTS Connect ProLink Sell Sheet

Easy to Use
Our user-friendly biometric data transfer system:
• Requires only basic internet access
• Transfers data from the user-friendly CardioChek® professional analyzers to the PTS Connect ProLink online platform

• Complies with the Health Insurance Portability
and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Fast and Reliable
• Sends electronic test results from
select biometric devices to the PTS Connect ProLink website within moments
• Generates results from connected analyzers, which appear on the screener’s computer and in reports
• Creates a printable report for each customer, customized with your choice of a company logo

• Interfaces with Web, Android, and iOS mobile platforms
• Integrates with select scales, blood pressure monitors, and pulse oximeters

To learn how you can get started with the PTS Connect® ProLink data transfer system, call +1(317) 870-5610 today.

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PTS Collect Capillary Tubes Precision Sell Sheet

Advanced Technology for Point-of-Care Testing
PTS Collect capillary tubes utilize a single glass tube with plastic casing and provide consistent
self-wicking technology to preset volumes. This innovative technology is more efficient, offers
significant savings over traditional blood transfer tubes, and is designed to be easier to use.
The improved design is ideal for most small volume blood collection needs.

PTS Collect Capillary Tubes Sell Sheet

Speeds Blood Collection and Ensures Savings

PTS CollectTM capillary tubes provide significant savings over traditional transfer tube technology—especially for applications where exact volumes are required. Using a single glass tube with plastic casing, PTS Collect capillary tubes provide consistent self-wicking technology to preset volumes.

Increased Efficiency in Workflow
  • Ease-of-use with no assembly
  • Glass tube ensures easy blood collection
  • Only one item to inventory (no plunger)
  • Increased Efficiency in Workflow
  • One-hand blood collection
  • Bulb-squeeze dispensing technology ensures consistent performance