PTS, Inc. Acquires A1CNow and Expands Product Portfolio

PTS, Inc. Acquires A1CNow and Expands Product Portfolio

Indianapolis, IN – December 20, 2013- Polymer Technology Systems, Inc. (PTS, Inc.), the U.S. based manufacturer of the CardioChek family of Point-of-Care diagnostic products, announced today that it has acquired the A1CNow family of products from Bayer Diabetes Care. The A1CNow+® Multi-test A1C System and A1CNow® SELFCHECK At-Home A1C System are important testing devices for readily monitoring A1C levels. The tests provide healthcare providers and people with diabetes with an indicator of the patient’s average blood glucose control over approximately the past 3 months.

“We’re very excited about the addition of the A1CNow system to the PTS product portfolio,” says Robert Huffstodt, President and CEO of PTS, Inc. “There is an established relationship between A1c levels, lipid levels and the risk for complications of diabetes, and the A1CNow products are important tools in helping providers and patients understand how well their diabetes treatment plan is working.”

The A1CNow acquisition strengthens the PTS product portfolio by adding testing capabilities that are being requested by many current PTS customers. The A1CNow system’s rapid results and mobility features enable healthcare providers to communicate face-to-face with patients about their diabetes control thus, providing optimum Point-of-Care convenience.

“We believe this acquisition is good news for PTS customers and A1CNow customers alike,” explains Huffstodt. “We’re eager to begin providing A1CNow systems to our global markets as soon as possible to help deliver vital information for healthcare providers and people with diabetes around the world.” Manufacturing will continue at the current plant in Sunnyvale, CA and product availability details will be forthcoming.

About Polymer Technology Systems, Inc. (PTS, Inc.) – Polymer Technology Systems, Inc. is a global provider of point-of-care diagnostic products to the healthcare industry. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, PTS, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets products for distribution in over 120 countries around the world. The company has sales offices in Europe, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. PTS, Inc. products include the CardioChek PA Point-of-Care instrument which is marketed to the professional diagnostics industry, the CardioChek cholesterol analyzer for consumer use, and now the new CardioChek Plus analyzer. The company offers a variety of single and combination tests for lipids (cholesterols), glucose, and ketones as well as the CardioChek Health Risk Assessment (HRA) software package. For more information, visit For further information, please contact:

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