to provide the CardioChek Plus Simulator as a sales tool for our valued business partners.  The goal of the CardioChek Plus Simulator is to provide a high-level representation of the analyzer to potential customers (it does not perfectly reflect all the features of the analyzer).  The software only needs to be downloaded once and can run without Internet access.
Terms of Use
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Digital Marketing Tool

We, at PTS Diagnostics (also known as PTS, Inc.), the maker of CardioChek products have developed a software that presents a digital marketing tool of our how our CardioChek Plus analyzer measures lipids and glucose. But before downloading our digital software please read these terms of use and check the box that says you agree to these terms. 

1. We are the sole and exclusive owner of this digital software. PTS Diagnostics is granting you a license to use this digital software as a marketing device when you sell the CardioChek Plus analyzer and PTS PANELS® test strips.  But remember, this digital software is a marketing tool, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THIS DIGITAL SOFTWARE BE USED FOR ANY TRAINING OR MEDICAL DIRECTION PURPOSE WHATSOEVER.

2. You will download this digital software solely for the purpose of selling our CardioChek Plus analyzer and test strips. It should not be used to market any other product or service. 

3. Unless a third party agrees to these terms of use, you may not redistribute this digital software without our prior written approval.

4. We have prepared this digital software with reasonable skill and care but we do not warrant that it is free from all known viruses or that the digital software will work properly in all circumstances.

5. We will not maintain or support this digital software for you but we may, from time to time, release updated versions for you to download.

6. PTS Diagnostics will not be liable to you for any loss or damage to you because of your use of this digital software. Examples of such losses or damage include, but are not limited to, indirect, special, incidental or consequential, loss or damage and any damage that may occur to equipment or property.

7. These terms of use take the place of any warranties or conditions that may be implied by law, regulation, custom, or course of dealing, all of which are excluded to the fullest extent possible.