PTS Connect ScreenPro

PTS Connect® ScreenPro

Empowering Wellness: Improving Productivity, Engagement and Analysis

Streamline your next wellness screening event with PTS Connect® ScreenPro, our portable data capture system designed specifically for wellness screening professionals. Unlike other systems, PTS Connect® ScreenPro data hub does not require internet access and can deliver a customized wellness report for each participant using your choice of a company logo.

PTS Connect ScreenPro can help...

Save Money and Time
Run your events more smoothly and achieve faster throughput with PTS Connect ScreenPro. Our system does not require manual data entry of test results or internet access. Plug it in, press a button, and in a few moments, it’s ready to go.

Safeguard Participants’ Data
Give your customers and participants peace of mind with our secure, self-contained, multiple-encrypted, HIPAA-compliant data capture system.

Drive Better Wellness Decisions
Participants want to leave a screening event with results they can understand and can act upon. With PTS Connect ScreenPro, results are available for online review within moments, with the option of creating a printable report.

No Internet? No Problem.

The PTS Connect ScreenPro is the complete Event Management platform.

The PTS Connect ScreenPro screening tool meets the needs of customers with various goals. Some customers may simply want to automate the acquisition of biometric results, provide immediate screenings reports to patients and aggregate data. This flexible solution allows customers to grow their wellness programs over time to meet changing needs.

How it works

1) After powering on, the PTS Connect ScreenPro data hub creates a secure intranet that allows for wireless communication via the UBIQUIT® Access Point with tablets, PCs, CardioChek® Plus analyzers, and select printers.

2) Once the wireless network is ready, tablet computers are used to register participants. As data is entered, it is automatically transferred to the data hub for storage, ensuring no participant data remains on the tablet.

3) After participants are registered, they are automatically placed into a queue for testing. With our proprietary wireless integration, test results are automatically sent to the PTS Connect ScreenPro data hub where they are merged with the participants’ records.

4) After participants have completed the screening, they can review their results. If desired, the system can wirelessly print individual results onsite so that the participant may leave with a copy.

5) After all participants have completed the screening event, reports can be easily generated. These reports can be downloaded to a PC, and then securely uploaded to the company servers or portal.<

Give Your Customers What They Need Most
Companies and organizations want accurate and well-organized aggregate data reports so they can evaluate the efficacy of their wellness programs. These reports can be instantly downloaded to USB or a PC at the end of your screening event.

Powered by Oxygen:
PTS Connect ScreenPro was developed specifically for the professional screening market using Oxygen software. This product is a multiple-encrypted software and hardware solution for remote and non-Wifi enabled environments. ​

Get Started Today!
Don’t waste another day or another dollar with outdated and cumbersome data management systems. Learn how you can get started with PTS Connect ScreenPro by calling + 1(877) 870-5610.