PTS Connect ProLink

PTS Connect® ProLink

Create a Better Customer Experience

PTS Connect® ProLink data transfer system and CardioChek® analyzers allow retail businesses to add even more value to their customers’ experience by offering seamless data transmission and comprehensive health data reports.

Unlike other data transfer systems, PTS Connect® ProLink, powered by mHealthAlert®, provides a solution designed with efficiency and data integrity in mind.

The PTS Connect® ProLink system seamlessly and easily transfers test results from PTS Diagnostics’ CardioChek Plus analyzers and other devices to a secure website.

Keep Them Coming Back

The PTS Connect® ProLink data management system will allow you to:

  • Increase traffic by offering quick and convenient wellness screening services
  • Provide customers with a personalized wellness report that includes your choice of a company logo
  • Gather valuable, HIPAA-compliant data on the health profiles of your customer base

Better Data for Your Participants and Your Customers

With the PTS Connect® ProLink system, screening participants enjoy the benefit of walking away with a printed copy of their results, which they can share with their physicians to make important personal health decisions. 

Clients will benefit from the ability to effectively analyze their data and potentially create new services or revenue sources based on identified community health trends and needs. 

As retail businesses continue to become key players in today’s healthcare market, it’s important to offer these critical and convenient health screening services.

Easy to use
Our user-friendly biometric data transfer system:
  • ​Requires only basic internet access
  • Transfers data from our user-friendly CardioChek® professional analyzers to the PTS Connect ProLink online platform
Fast & Reliable
  • Sends electronic test results from select biometric devices to the PTS Connect ProLink website within moments
  • Generates results from connected analyzers, which appear on the screener’s computer and in reports
  • Creates a printable report for each customer, customized with your choice of a company logo
  • Interfaces with Web, Android, and iOS mobile platforms
  • Integrates with select scales, blood pressure monitors, and pulse oximeters
  • Compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Powered by mHealthAlert:
PTS Connect ProLink was developed specifically for screening professionals in supermarkets and retail pharmacies. It is a fully-encrypted data transfer system that works via cloud-based technology.