CardioChek HRA

CardioChek HRA


CardioChek® HRA Helps Improve Communication to Screening Participants

CardioChek HRA (Health Risk Assessment) software captures biometric data from a CardioChek analyzer creating a customized and informative consumer-friendly report.  A database of results is available to create aggregate reports.

Perfect for Community Health Fairs and Corporate Health Screenings

  • Easy set-up
  • Results automatically transfer into HRA minimizing transcription errors
  • Collects participant’s email address
  • Produces co-branded, color, professional results for participants
  • Consumer-friendly report provides immediate point-of-care counseling opportunity

CardioChek HRA Provides Important Informational Tool to Participants

  • Reports participant’s lipid, glucose, blood pressure and BMI on one page
  • Helps participants understand how their results compare to a desirable range
  • Provides biometric definitions
  • Calculates participant’s Cardiac Age based on the Framingham Heart Study.  This creates a conversation starter between healthcare professional and participant.

What is Cardiac Age?
Based on the Framingham Heart Study, the HRA provides a representation of an individual’s risk for cardiovascular disease through a Cardiac Age calculation. Risk factors of gender, age, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking, and diabetes are components of Cardiac Age.  The desired result is for an individual’s Cardiac Age to be younger than their biological age.

Aggregate Reports for Healthcare Professionals
Reports are available that aggregate patient population data as well as individual participant’s results. This data can be exported in multiple formats.