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Label It A Success: Cross-functional Labeling & Operations Team Drives Innovation

By Latasha Little, Product Labeling Manager

PTS Diagnostics has a new cross-departmental team made up of representatives from Labeling, Purchasing, Quality, and Packaging and Meter Production. The Labeling & Operations cross-functional team works together to identify solutions for short-term issues that may arise, put plans into place for long-term projects, and brainstorm process improvements.

This team originally formed about two years ago for a specific project. But, as time went on those meetings evolved into a convenient catch-all forum for all the departments to talk openly about additional needs they had outside of the primary project, as well as brainstorm solutions, and collaborate to achieve collective goals.

But, after the original project was completed the team meetings stopped as many of the attendees moved on to other high-priority projects.

As time went on, it became increasingly clear that there was a real need for the meeting to return. The team missed the opportunities they had had during those meetings to work more closely together on a regular basis. They noticed that when they had been meeting more often, they achieved faster resolutions to day-to-day problems, and there was less confusion between departments thanks to clearer communication.

The team now meets once a week. Since the regular meetings have returned, members feel that their abilities to build orders quickly and correctly have improved. Also, both the number of emails and the general levels of confusion around what each department needed, and when, has decreased. Labeling now knows what Operations needs sooner. Purchasing knows which items are needed and which versions of the labeling are needed for those items. And, Operations is getting what they need to build/ship products faster.  

The team has also added a learning component to help expand the teams’ already impressive levels of expertise. They recently completed a “Labeling 101” training with one of PTS’s primary print vendors where they learned more about the characteristics of labels, the best applications for the intended uses of various types of labels, and how best to “spec” a label for purchase.  They also conducted a walk-through of the PTS labeling areas with the vendor to identify potential cost-saving measures.

All in all, the Labeling & Operations cross-functional team has found that bringing people with different perspectives together on a regular basis has improved problem-solving and has led to smarter, more sustainable, and more innovative decision-making. Addressing issues together across departments has not only led to significant time and cost savings, but also has created more synergy, and ultimately, more success.

The Labeling & Operations cross-functional team (above, from left to right):

Nele Taevere, Latasha Little, Cameron Dobson, Ann Fausset, David Gloudemans, and Norma Moreno. (Not pictured: Ashley Moses and Brenda Yates)

PTS Employee Spotlights

When did you join PTS? August 30, 2020.

Name three hashtags that describe you: #BEBOLDER #NEVERGIVEUP #LOVINLIFE

Favorite place to “get away”: 24 Hour Fitness.

Best part about your job at PTS? I like the autonomy because my bosses allow me to be creative and to innovate. I also love the people I work with.

Secret Talent? I can chug an entire slushy without getting brain freeze.

Favorite part about working at PTS? The variety – it is always changing and evolving. It is refreshing knowing that every day is different, and it is a constant adventure.

One thing you cannot resist? The urge to pet kittens/cats even though I’m allergic to them.

Best advice you have ever been given? “Things can change, but never not change.”

When did you join PTS? May 2019.

Name three hashtags that describe you: #foodenthusiast #catlover #socialbutterfly.

Favorite place to “get away”: The beach.

Best part about your job at PTS? I love being appreciated and listened to. My bosses listen to my ideas and the whole team works together to make them happen.

Secret Talent? I used to teach dance and performed on-stage for shows back in India.

Favorite part about working at PTS? The People and the Work-life balance. I haven’t seen a friendlier environment and a sense of community over competition anywhere else.

One thing you can’t resist? Good wine paired with a charcuterie board.

Best advice you have ever been given? “When you talk, you are repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”

 When did you join PTS? June, 2018.

Name three hashtags that describe you: #soccerfan #prouddadoffour #musicaddict

Favorite place to “get away”: Any beach but mostly this one: Praia das Maçãs, Portugal.

Best part about your job at PTS? Being able to do what I love the most (communicate) at different levels and in different languages.

Secret Talent? I used to be a singer in a rock band.

Favorite part about working at PTS? To feel I’m part of the team despite being on the other side of the pond.

One thing you can’t resist? My wife’s smile

Best advice you have ever been given? 25 years ago my first employer told me: “You will never succeed in a sales role”… I think I still do.

When did you join PTS? Spring of 2018.

Name three hashtags that describe you: #dad, #LakeLife, #homebrewing

Favorite place to “get away”: Anywhere on the boat! Usually, it’s on Lake Monroe.

Best part about your job at PTS? The opportunities to continue to grow and learn.

Secret Talent? I enjoy making my own beer and wine.

Favorite part about working at PTS? Coworkers!

One thing you can’t resist? Chocolate.

Best advice you have ever been given? Take everything in moderation, including moderation.

Quarterly Question

What is the one emoji you use the most often? 💯 🏆


Here is one of my most frequent.

Shelby Smiley

Face with rolling eyes.

David Brandt
Ann Fausset

Not an emoji person. I’m a Meme guy.

Ken Kimker

“This is fine when it’s really not”

Anushree Deshinge

“Your guess is as good as mine”

Ashley Voils

I seem to use this one a lot for surprised or shocked

Cliffe Allen

I think it says that I find a lot of things in life to be delightfully ridiculous.

Andrea Sauceda

What is says about me is that I’m easily annoyed by people.

Issa Emeish

It’s to convey that I love or I am super excited with something! Mostly puppies and babies…

Kelley McClain

I use these the most: 👍🏻😂😊😁🤞

Gary Johnson

Yellow is my favorite color. I use the yellow heart to denote something I either like/love or to tell someone I care about them.

Latasha Little

Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes

Beth Russell

I 😡 to text!

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I would use this if was feeling a little silly

Don Bellissimo

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Mark Duncan

About me… My wife knows I love and appreciate her greatly.

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I am a simple person and just like the 😊 as my top emoji

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