Separate But Together


Thank You for Your Perseverance in the Face of Uncertainty


The past four months have brought unprecedented global complexities and challenges. PTS Diagnostics was not immune to the impact, as our employees — our “PTS Family”, have dealt with loss, worry, and other professional and personal challenges.

On a lighter note, those of us who were fortunate enough to work remotely during this pandemic have faced our own set of unique, and sometimes amusing challenges: dogs barking incessantly during conference calls, kids’ bike helmets falling off, a mind-numbing amount of neighborhood walks, and everyone’s favorite… e-learning! These curveballs have allowed us to have a more compassionate and sympathetic view of our co-workers now that we’ve experienced their personal challenges and have a better understanding of what a day-in-the-life can bring.

Overall, we have taken everything in stride and are poised to come out of this pandemic closer as a family than ever before with a renewed sense of purpose and passion. So on behalf of all us at PTS Diagnostics, I’d like to extend my utmost appreciation to all of our employees around the globe:

Thank you to the committed, essential employees in Operations who have been on-site every day during quarantine and have continued to work at such a high-level, in face of a global pandemic. You have maintained the high-quality for which PTS Diagnostics is known and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to your pivotal role in our success as an organization and satisfying the needs of our customers.

Thank you to our Sales teams, both domestic and international, who have transitioned their work and lifestyles from “on the road” to virtual, in order to connect with customers and maintain mindshare. You have not let the PTS Diagnostics’ voice, keeping our brand front and center as a trusted resource for so many around the globe.

Thank you to our Business Development team who continues to pursue strategic partnerships in a virtual manner in order to build out our PreVantageTM. Your creativity and perseverance is appreciated.

Thank you to our Customer Service and TSS teams, who have continued to support and troubleshoot with our customers. You have served as a valued point of contact during a time when the world was less-communicative, never letting PTS Diagnostics leave their customers without answers to their questions or solutions to their challenges.

Thank you to the Quality and Regulatory teams who have worked long hours to ensure that we remain compliant across multiple platforms and that our number one priority of FDA remediation remains on schedule. Your dedication is appreciated and the impact of your day-to-day helps keep PTS Diagnostics among the best in the industry.

Thank you to our R&D team, whose focus has remained steadfast in an ever-changing environment. You are spearheading work that can transform the world in which we live , and we recognize and appreciate that now more than ever. 

Thank you to our Finance, IT, Legal and HR teams, who have walked alongside the entire organization, through turbulence and increased uncertainty. Your presence was felt both onsite and remotely, and your leadership brought steadiness during times of not knowing what lies ahead.

Thank you to my teammates from Marketing, who have continued to find new and creative ways to reposition our brand during a time when point-of-care testing and events are largely not possible. Our strategic shift and embrace of digital platforms have allowed our brand to be viewed with expertise across many verticals. Your professionalism and teamwork have inspired me. 

Lastly, thank you to our Executive Leadership team, for your diligence in keeping up with the latest CDC and local government recommendations, so that the best decisions could be made for our health and the business and the safety of our employees. Your consistent oversight and monitoring have created an environment where PTS Diagnostics employees across the globe know that we are on the continued path toward success.

We will come out of this stronger together and continue to provide superior quality, point-of-care solutions, while closing gaps in care for patients with chronic disease; including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other related comorbidities

Are we missing any person or group that deserves recognition? Email and we’ll include a shout-out in the next quarterly newsletter. 

Until then, feel free to swing by my office (the one decorated like a summer camp) and say hello – it is great to be back under our roof in Whitestown!

Ryan Simpson

Marketing Communications