PTS Pulse: The State of Mexico Tenders


For the last 4 years, A1CNow+ has won Mexico’s federal tender and several state tenders, which is a formal request for bids from companies who feel their products are best suited for the needs of the government’s health program. Similarly, our Lipid Panel test strips have won several state tenders and one federal tender over the last four years.

Back in 2019, the consolidated federal purchase was for 640,000 HbA1c tests. PTS also won a large state tenders in Guanajuato for 180,000 HbA1c tests and around 300,000 Lipid Panel tests. In total, our organization sold approximately $4.6M in sales to Mexico last year.

David Brandt, Executive Director of International Sales stated that one of the reasons we were successful last year is because “the Mexican Government knows that PTS can deliver on the promises we make. The efforts from all employees at PTS enables us to win those opportunities and deliver the product on time. Our mission of providing innovative, superior quality, point-of-care solutions which close gaps in care for patients with chronic disease is very real for the Mexican people who have been tested on our products. Many patients have altered their lifestyles because of a test they received by PTS. I am proud of what we do and the individuals who come to work each day giving their best.”

In order to win the sought-after tender, our partners in Mexico work closely with the Preventative Health division of the Mexican Government to establish rigorous technical specifications that match our products. Once those parameters are established, a public bidding process is initiated. The award is granted to the company with the highest point total, combination of technical specifications and price.

In 2020, we have submitted a proposal for several state and federal tenders in Mexico related to both A1C and lipids. Negotiations are actively happening, and we hope to have more news soon pending any possible disruptions regarding COVID-19 developments.

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Andrea Sauceda

Andrea Sauceda

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