ADA 2019: Bridging the Gap With Point-of-Care Solutions

Attended by a global audience of roughly 18,000, The American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions is the largest and arguably one of the most renowned events in the field of diabetes management.

The conference provides a platform for the world’s leading scientists and medical professionals to come together and share their latest findings on diabetes and associated comorbidities.

We were privileged to bring a team of specialists that educated attendees on the benefits of point-of-care A1C and lipid testing via our CardioChek® analyzers and A1CNow®+ systems. These benefits may include, but are not limited to:

  • Real-time results
  • Maximized patient and provider engagement
  • Improved patient and provider satisfaction
  • Cost containment and office efficiency
  • Research supporting these claims can be found in our new and exclusive whitepaper, “PTS Diagnostics A1CNow®+: A Valuable Tool in a Value-Based World.”

    By offering on-site product demonstrations, we were able to provide personalized lipid panel and A1C readings to more than 450 individuals! Those wishing to learn more about interpreting their results are encouraged to visit our target ranges landing page.

    In addition to showcasing our point-of-care product lines, connectivity experts were on-site to educate attendees about our new PreVantageTM brand. This customizable suite of solutions was developed as a population health management tool that assists with reimbursement and compliance in the value-based healthcare model.

    Overall, the connections made and insights gained at #ADA2019 were invaluable. One important takeaway from the sessions that is also touted by our organization is the fact that diabetes does not occur in a vacuum – meaning that an individual with prediabetes or diabetes is much more likely to develop, or already have, comorbidities such as heart disease, NASH, or diabetic kidney disease. By recognizing the connection between diabetes and other ailments, we can potentially expand upon the locations where A1C is typically tested in order to reach at-risk populations sooner.

    We’ll use the takeaways gathered at this event to continue to grow and thrive as a global point-of-care solutions provider. We hope that you’ll join us next year in Chicago for the American Diabetes Association’s 80th Scientific Sessions!

    Kelley McClain | Senior Marketing Manager