eHealthScreenings Expands its Point-of-Care Testing Business by 25 Percent with the CardioChek System

eHealthScreenings Expands its Point-of-Care Testing Business by 25 Percent with the CardioChek System

Indianapolis, IN – November 16, 2015 – PTS Diagnostics, the U.S.-based manufacturer of both the CardioChek® brand and the A1CNow® family of point-of-care diagnostic products, supported eHealthScreenings in growing its national biometric screening point-of-care revenue by more than 25 percent in the last 12 months.

In June 2014 and after extensive due diligence, eHealthScreenings made a decision to switch from their existing point-of-care provider to the CardioChek family of products to take advantage of the device’s proven accuracy, speed, reliability, and efficiency.

“We were very pleased to experience such a large increase in our point-of-care business last year. Currently, point-of-care (fingerstick) testing is a growing segment of our biometric screening business, which has become approximately 20% of our overall revenue – that’s up 25% from the previous 12 months. The CardioChek analyzer and test strips were central to this expansion,” said Jason Morgese, President of eHealthScreenings. “The advantages of no refrigeration requirements of test strips, ease of shipping and being battery operated have allowed us to keep within our operational efficiencies when facilitating these types of screenings, which wasn’t possible with the previous point-of-care technology that we were using. We believe that we will continue to see a significant upswing in requests from our clients for point-of-care testing and the CardioChek analyzers will help us to accommodate those service requests.”

Clients of eHealthScreenings include some of the nation’s largest insurance providers, third-party administrators, employee assistance programs, human resources consultants, brokers, and wellness companies.

CardioChek Plus, a cost-efficient, user-friendly diagnostic point-of-care analyzer, provides rapid on-site lipid panel plus glucose screenings. The capability to deliver both results in as little as 90 seconds enables healthcare professionals to screen more individuals faster. Offering simultaneous testing of a lipid profile (total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides) and glucose, the CardioChek Plus analyzer also calculates LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol/HDL cholesterol ratio, LDL cholesterol/HDL cholesterol ratio, and non-HDL cholesterol. The CardioChek Plus device requires only a small blood sample from a fingerstick.

The CardioChek analyzer and test strips were provided to eHealthScreenings by Hanson Medical Systems, a specialty distributor and consultant for point-of-care CLIAWaived medical equipment for wellness and health screening and worksite health.

“We sought a solution that would provide a point-of-care lipid analyzer that could truly help us meet the demand of clients who wanted affordable onsite fingerstick testing options. Hanson Medical helped us make the transition to CardioChek systems,” said Morgese. “This choice has been a huge advantage as we talk to our clients across the country. We have realized cost savings from labor to shipping. And, we’ve experienced efficiencies with almost no error rates and significantly improved participant throughput.”

Joe Gonzalez, President of Hanson Medical Systems, commented that eHealthScreenings is a perfect example of a successful biometric screening company that continues to look to expand its business and has already ordered more than 100,000 point-of-care lipid tests over the past 12 months. “PTS Diagnostics is a great strategic partner for eHealthScreenings. At their heart, both of these organizations are technology companies,” said Gonzalez. “PTS Diagnostics provides best-in-class technology for point-of-care testing and eHealthScreenings’ reputation is to both develop and utilize the latest technology to solve their clients’ needs and simplify the screening process. Hanson is proud to have helped eHealthScreenings grow their business.” 

As a national biometric screening company, eHealthScreenings has clients in all 50 states. “The CardioChek lipid analyzer has allowed us to efficiently scale our ability to serve our clients,” said Morgese. “We work with companies of all sizes ranging from 20 employees to over 160,000.”

Robert Huffstodt, President and CEO of PTS Diagnostics said the CardioChek family of products continues to grow in popularity among wellness and biometric screening companies.

“We hear from our distribution network and end-users that the CardioChek family of products is helping expand their point-of-care testing business. Further, these successful existing relationships provide a natural starting point to introduce our recently introduced new products,” said Huffstodt. “Our PTS Pod collection systems are enabling biometric screening companies to expand the number of fingerstick testing options to their clients. Our PTS Detect cotinine system is the only point-of-care tobacco detection device offering quantitative results from a fingerstick.”

About eHealthScreenings
As the nation’s leading provider of comprehensive wellness screening services, and one of the only true companies specifically centered on biometric screenings, eHealthScreenings focuses all their resources on optimizing screening technology, service levels, incredible customer support, and simplification of the screening process. With multiple dedicated teams, a network of 200 affiliated clinic locations, thousands of nationwide lab locations and several thousand national based Wellness Technicians, eHealthScreenings is focused on perfecting the screening model and experience for all clients and partners such as third party administrators, employee assistance programs, human resources consultants, insurance providers, and wellness companies. Their home office is in San Antonio, Texas. For more information, visit

About Hanson Medical Systems Inc.
Since 1984, Hanson Medical Systems, Inc. has been a specialty distributor and consultant for point-of-care CLIA-waived medical equipment for wellness and health screening and worksite health. They have become a trusted partner for health screeners, occupational-corporate medical, health promotion, wellness, military, government, and other healthcare providers. For more information about Hanson Medical Systems, visit or call 877-671-3883.

About PTS Diagnostics PTS Diagnostics is an innovative point-of-care diagnostics solutions provider thats signature products include the CardioChek® lipid analyzer and the A1CNow® family of products. The CardioChek family of products have screened more than 120 million patients worldwide while the A1CNow product line works to enable people to lead healthier lives through ongoing management of diabetes. Together these products help identify individuals with cardiometabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, PTS Diagnostics designs, manufactures, distributes and markets products for distribution in more than 135 countries around the world. For more information, visit or contact Tom Wiser at 317- 870-5610 or

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