HealthYou Implements PTS Connect Wellness Solution

HealthYou Implements PTS Connect Wellness Solution

Corporate wellness provider turns to PTS Diagnostics for cloud-based solution that electronically captures and transfers data & promotes employee engagement

Indianapolis, Feb. 24, 2016 – PTS Diagnostics, the U.S.-based manufacturer of point-of-care biometric testing devices such as the CardioChek® family of analyzers, A1CNow® systems, and PTS Detect cotinine systems, has successfully implemented its PTS Connect wellness solution for HealthYou, a full-service corporate wellness, biometric screening, and health coaching organization.

The PTS Connect wellness solution is a secure cloud-based health portal that empowers corporate wellness companies to screen more individuals faster and improve outcomes by encouraging participants to monitor and track their activities and progress online. In addition, it enables population health management by targeting wellness communications and aggregating data for at-risk individuals.

In short, the PTS Connect wellness solution provides an opportunity to improve productivity, participant engagement and data analytics among organizations that manage corporate wellness programs and conduct biometric health screenings.

HealthYou partners with national and regional employers to provide high-tech and high-touch wellness programs as well as consultative services. Each HealthYou wellness plan participant will have online portal access via the PTS Connect wellness solution for real-time biometric screening results and online tools and resources to support healthy lifestyle choices. In partnership with the employer to design a customized wellness program, participants in HealthYou’s corporate programs begin by taking a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) which is a critical component of the PTS Connect wellness solution. Historic biometric health information is uploaded and participants have online access to educational information, quizzes, calculators, self-assessments, decision guides and physical activity trackers.

“HealthYou had reached a critical tipping point in its evolution,” said Jerri Chambers; Chief Operating Officer for HealthYou. “We know we can dramatically grow our business but to do so we need to implement automation within the health screening process. Real-time data capture and transfer, and eliminating manual data entry has enabled our health coaches to develop a collaborative association with the employees. The online portal encourages further employee engagement as they continue to access and manage their wellness program information. This solution has fulfilled two important goals: increased employee commitment with the corporate wellness plan and an opportunity for HealthYou to expand its reach in the marketplace.”

As the search began for an online software provider to meet HealthYou’s objectives, Chambers explained that the company had three main criteria: functionality, security and affordable pricing.

“At HealthYou, we pride ourselves on our innovative wellness solutions approach. We implement corporate wellness programs which are customized to our clients’ requirements and needed a software solution with functionality that was flexible enough to meet our individual clients’ needs,” said Chambers. “I’m pleased to say the PTS Connect wellness solution met all our requirements for a robust wellness portal platform.”

The PTS Connect wellness solution is the complete Population Health Management tool, explained Robert Huffstodt, President and CEO of PTS Diagnostics.

“As a software solution for biometric health screenings and wellness programs, this online tool meets the needs of customers with a variety of goals,” said Huffstodt. “Some customers may simply want to automate the acquisition of biometric results, provide immediate screening reports to participants and aggregate data. Others may want to grant online access to participants after the screening event, providing online education and enabling targeted wellness messaging. This flexible solution allows customers to grow their wellness platform over time to meet changing needs.”

“HealthYou is just one example of a corporate wellness provider that has successfully turned to PTS Diagnostics to help improve the services they provide their clients and to help them grow their business,” said Huffstodt. “The PTS Connect wellness solution is now working with 30 plus employer groups nationwide that allow real-time data capture and live health coaching. This online solution is changing the way corporate wellness organizations are providing services to employees.”

For HealthYou, the PTS Connect wellness solution is allowing its clinicians to spend more time helping participants improve their overall health.

“With just 20 minutes per participant at an onsite health screening to gather data, analyze and begin coaching, the PTS Connect wellness solution has taken considerable stress away from our clinicians,” Chambers said. “This leaves more time for our clinicians to begin the critical task of forming a relationship with the employee. The biometric health screening is just the beginning. The goal is overall health improvement. When our clinicians have more time to focus on health coaching, the employee wins and the employer wins.”

About HealthYou
HealthYou is a full service corporate wellness provider whose services include wellness program design, biometric health screenings, health coaching, consulting services and wellness incentive management for employers across the country. Founded in 2009, HealthYou prides itself on the relationship between its clinicians and program participants. By designing innovate wellness programs and using state-of-the-art technology solutions, HealthYou maintains employee program participation rates at 70 percent or greater. For more information, please contact Jerri Chambers at HealthYou; or call 719-493-9688.

About PTS Diagnostics
PTS Diagnostics is an innovative, global, point-of-care diagnostics solutions provider who partners with patients and healthcare professionals to provide the right information at the right time to make the right decision. The company’s name represents the three pillars upon which it has built its long-term success: People, Technology and Service. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, PTS Diagnostics designs, manufactures, distributes and markets products for distribution in more than 135 countries around the world. For more information, visit or contact Tom Wiser at 317-870-5610 or

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