PTS Diagnostics Expands PreVantage Family of Solutions

PTS Diagnostics Expands PreVantage Family of Solutions

Introduces tagline, solutions-based partnerships, sub-brands

INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 20, 2018) – PTS Diagnostics, a U.S.-based manufacturer of point-of-care testing devices continues to grow their recently announced PreVantage™ brand through unique industry partnerships; additionally, “Outcomes are the new Income” has been selected as the brand’s U.S. slogan.

As U.S. healthcare continues to move away from traditional fee-for-service and toward merit-based incentivization, improved population healthcare outcomes will soon be the new means for provider income.

“PreVantage provides real-world solutions to real-world problems,” said Kevin Huttman, Executive Director, Marketing at PTS Diagnostics. “By teaming up with healthcare innovators, we’re able to offer both product and technology solutions that help support value-based care initiatives. It’s an exciting period of growth for PTS Diagnostics.”

To date, PTS Diagnostics is offering the following PreVantage solutions in addition to its industry-leading point-of-care solutions:

PreVantage ConnectedCare, Powered by Rimidi, is a population health chronic disease management solution created by medical professionals for medical professionals and patients that unlocks the meaning in patient data, enabling personalized, focused point of care solutions that can help improve outcomes and provide data which is critical to provider reimbursement maximization.

With unique digital dashboards for both patients and providers, PreVantage ConnectedCare allows for enhanced patient monitoring and coaching. Unlike many other freestanding chronic management platforms, it works seamlessly into the physician or care team’s workflow, integrating directly with providers’ Electronic Health Records (EHRs), leveraging emerging industry standards like SMART on FHIR.

PreVantage ConnectedQC, Powered by eTrueNorth, is a point of care quality control management solution which assists users of PTS Diagnostics solutions in managing their QC requirements in a manner consistent with current regulatory standards.

PTS Diagnostics’ collaboration with eTrueNorth also allows PreVantage customers preferred access to eTrueNorth’s eQC suite of policy and procedure and regulatory requirement management programs.

PTS Diagnostics and eTrueNorth have also partnered on the eLab Network pharmacy-based voucher program which involves a national network of pharmacy partners whose aim is to increase patient access and to ultimately close gaps in care. The solutions enable access to health screenings across an extensive network of pharmacies for employee wellness program participants who work remotely or are unable to attend onsite screenings.

In most cases, participating pharmacies use world-class point-of-care testing solutions from PTS Diagnostics and the results are immediately shared with the participant and securely transferred to the employers’ health portal or electronic medical record.

With full program availability in January 2019, the ever-expanding PreVantage brand is a combination of products, solutions, and partnerships that seek to help healthcare professionals inspire patients to live happier and healthier lives while increasing efficiency and maximizing reimbursement for healthcare providers.

PTS Connect® ScreenPro, powered by StatBridge, is being relaunched. PTS Diagnostics is introducing innovative acquisition programs as part of the PreVantage umbrella. This solution helps systems to manage population-based and employer health screening events while connecting PTS Diagnostics’ systems to data capture solutions.

Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to PTS Diagnostics via phone at 877-870-5610, or email at for more information.

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