PTS Diagnostics Enters Co-Branded Agreement With Rimidi

PTS Diagnostics Enters Co-Branded Agreement With Rimidi

Partnership with digital health leader allows for enhanced population-analytics, management of chronic conditions

INDIANAPOLIS – PTS Diagnostics, a U.S.-based manufacturer of point-of-care testing devices, today announced that they have entered into a contractual agreement with Atlanta-based digital health and analytics company, Rimidi.

The contract went into effect in October, 2018, and seeks to improve care and drive clinical efficiency by utilizing Connected Care, a digital condition management solution powered by Rimidi’s software. This aims to close gaps in care, and enable personalized management of diseases for individuals, population analytics for care teams, and clinical analytics for providers.

“PTS Diagnostics has spent considerable time and effort understanding our customers’ needs related to patient outcomes, workflow improvement, and maximizing value-based payment models,” said Robert Huffstodt, President and CEO of PTS Diagnostics. “We’ve partnered with Rimidi to better serve our customers when it comes to improved patient and provider experience and outcomes at a lower cost.”

With unique digital dashboards for both patients and providers, Connected Care allows for enhanced patient monitoring and coaching. The joint offering of Connected Care and PTS Diagnostics A1CNow® and CardioChek® point-of-care solutions, enables the type of proactive population management required for value-based care models.

“Rimidi’s goal is to improve the experience for both patients with chronic conditions and their physicians and care teams, ultimately improving patient outcomes and lowering costs,” said Josh Claman, CEO of Rimidi. “We cannot do that without an ecosystem of strategic partnerships like this one with PTS Diagnostics.”

Unlike other freestanding chronic disease management platforms, Connected Care works seamlessly into the physician or care team’s workflow, integrating directly with providers’ Electronic Health Records (EHRs), leveraging emerging industry standards like SMART on FHIR. In addition, Connected Care features predictive medication modeling based on key markers from patient monitoring, enabling the potential for greater treatment plan adherence.

“Our customers count on us to partner with quality solutions-providers and PTS Diagnostics has a proven track record of delivering point-of-care technology of the highest quality,” said Jeff Stebbins, Head of Payer Strategy and Marketing. “We could not be prouder to partner with an innovator such as Rimidi, whose technology bridges the gap between population health and personalized medicine.”

This partnership is being unveiled in the United States and select foreign countries and will continue to grow as population health needs dictate. For more information, please reach out to PTS Diagnostics via phone at 877-870-5610, or email PTS Diagnostics customer service at for more information.

About PTS Diagnostics:
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About Rimidi
Rimidi is addressing the healthcare problem of our generation- cardiometabolic diseases, which account for 70 percent of healthcare spend. Created by doctors, Rimidi enables efficient, personalized care to forward the future of healthcare. Rimidi’s platform derives actionable insight for clinicians and care teams from individual patient data, and integrates seamlessly into provider EHR systems, optimizing clinical workflow, improving health outcomes, and reducing costs. To learn more, visit

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